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– no purling required! –
I love long, triangular shawls: They are just the thing to keep your neck and shoulders warm during winter. But then I thought: How about making one that, instead of just being a flat piece of fabric, is three-dimensional, knit in the round and doubles as a big loop, hood and very big cowl? Well, here it is: Viajante (Portuguese for ”traveller“ – see note below) takes your knitting to another dimension! You can use an entire skein of Wollmeise Lace that will result in a 220 x 60 cm shawl. You can use less yarn if you want it to be smaller, the pattern is adaptable.

Viajante is basically a very long and narrow triangular tube. Used flat, you can wrap it around your neck several times or put it on your shoulders as you would with a shawl. Open it up at the lace border and pull it over your head, and it will keep your entire upper body warm. If you wish, you can use it to add a dramatic asymmetrical silhouette to your wardrobe. Best thing: If you forgot your hat, you can just pull the narrow garter stitch part over your head and hide your ears from the cold. It is so versatile you will not want to leave the house without it!
Viajante has a clean, classic look in stockinette stitch that is particularly pretty in a slightly variegated, very light yarn. The lace mesh border is really easy to knit (even for beginners) but can be replaced by a more complicated lace pattern or a simple ruffle if you prefer. It is a long, relaxing knit without any purl stitches that yields a spectacular result.

Viajante fits all sizes as the narrow part is supposed to be draped around the neck such that any shoulder width can be accomodated. The mesh border has a circumference of roughly 300 cm. If you wish to make a bigger neck opening (which reduces the total wingspan of the shawl), you will find instructions in the pattern.


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